A Brief Introduction About www.gmail.com

www.gmail.com, the most used mail service around the globe which makes the life and work easier at user fingertips by giving all possibilities of instant access and never compromises its security and updating its features. www.gmail.com as a product of Google, we can access to all Google products like google drive, youtube, google+, google playstore for android apps etc, by create new www.Gmail.com account or Sign in Gmail.com account

Back in days communication done through birds like pigeons and other birds, later on through postal department personally emails were delivered. By technological advancements in communication electronic mailing is progressed. E-mails are nothing but the method of exchanging digital messages between people using digital devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones.  So in mid-1960’s E-mailing got the rapid hype.

Throughout these years all kind of generations enjoyed the service of e-mail providers but faced two major problems called storage limits and lack of searching ability. Addressing these problems in the year 2004 Google co-founder and President Larry Page launched Gmail. Initially, Gmail offers 1-gigabyte storage per user and later on increased to 15 gigabyte due to its major counterpart Hotmail offered 2 gigabyte. So, you can create www.gmail.com account now.

Things to keep in mind

  • Make sure that you are meeting the Gmail.com requirements while creating new Gmail account
  • Create a username that you never forgot while Gmail sign up
  • Create a strong password that you never forgot and do not share the password
  • Make sure to set all the recovery options when you lost password or your account hacked
  • Do not allow less secure apps to access your google profile

How www.Gmail.com work:

Not only in Gmail.com any e-mail provider offers a unique mailing address to their users, So let me explain how it actually works

  • Every www.gmail.com user has unique mail address when registered
  • The user login to Gmail account composed and send an e-mail with mail address attached to it
  • Gmail checks whether the mail address is registered or existed in the database
  • If yes, in span of seconds e-mail will deliver around the globe
  • If not e-mail will revert to its user to cross-check the e-mail address

how www.gmail.com works

Some unique Gmail.com Features

  • Load Basic HTML page – When internet speed is low, access to basic version of www.gmail.com
  • Gmail Login Activity – Records every time when login to Gmail account
  • 2 step verification – Receives a code every time when login to your account
  • Add multiple Gmail accounts – Adding two or more mail accounts to your default Gmail account
  • Inbox management – customize inbox with priority, spam, label filters

Gmail.com on various Devices: Now you can get Gmail app on your favorite smart devices like Android, IOS, Windows

Gmail.com Amazing New Look

Gmail introduced a new look to its sign in page. Off course, the look was classy and looks amazing than the previous login page this was the best update on Gmail login page ever and that was quite impressive. Its a good move by Gmail for its users and let’s wait for another classy update for Gmail. Check out the new look on gmail.com Login page.

www.gmail.com sign in new look



Q. Can a user create multiple Gmail ids?

A. Yes, A user can create multiple Gmail accounts.

Q. Can I check emails from all multiple accounts?

A. Yes, you can check all your emails when you Login multiple Gmail accounts using a web browser or smart device.

Q. Is there any Gmail attachment size limit?

A. Yes, a user can attach files up to 25 MB of size and it won’t accept any executable files.

Q. How can a user send that exceed 25 MB file size in Gmail?

A. A user cannot send more than 25 MB files in Gmail but we can share files in Google drive which are more than 25 MB file.

Note: For help contact Gmail support.


“Gmail the Giant” email service provider, the reason why I called the giant because of its users than any other mail services out there and has an uptime 24/7. The best thing about the Gmail is that it is free to use!

There are quite mail services competing with Gmail for the top position, but Gmail features especially the quick and frequent updating that the rest just cannot match.

Still, If you don’t have a Google account,  Gmail Sign up.


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